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Barry - Reading Those Gypsies-Welcome to First Cabin Press, another mouth to feed in this provocative world of the Indy press. And right away the new kid announces the debut its first publishing effort, Those Gypsies on Rio Hondo Parkway, middle grade fiction by Barry Kunz.

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About Those Gypsies on Rio Hondo Parkway

Front CoverIn the early 1950s a family moves across town to a neighborhood of green lawns, white picket fences, and modest homes. The kids explore their large corner lot on Rio Hondo Parkway, climbing some of the dozens of walnut trees, and running through weeds and a rambling assortment of wildflowers. They’ve got it all . . . except for a house.

Dad throws up a huge Army surplus tent which serves as their home until he can build them their dream house. The family’s thirst for a slice of America’s new found economic energy of the 1950s is tempered by their memories of the war and the Great Depression.

Dad is squeezed by a ninety-day tent permit, and everyone is antsy about the threat of a union strike, money problems, and other unforeseen misfortune, any of which, if realized, could delay or shut down the construction of the house.

Against this backdrop, Paul Kemble, Christopher’s hard-headed, perfectionist older brother, struggles against the neighborhood bully—Verlin Smoot . . . MORE


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About The Author

Barry Kunz was born in Los Angeles – City of Angels – Home to Hollywood, the Sunset Strip, The San Fernando Valley, and Dodger Stadium, just up the street from his alma mater: Cathedral High School, home of the Phantoms.

A twin, and one of five children, he grew up in the San Gabriel Valley, living in more than a dozen of its communities, including North El Monte, home to his most memorable memories: living with his family in a tent in Rio Hondo Parkway for three years.

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