About First Cabin Records

First Cabin Records has a mind of its own, a shine on its shoes, and a melody in its heart.  It’s by the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea, where there’s a small hotel, a room with a view, and cocktails for two.  In short, it’s the sunny side of the street.

It’s dedicated to extraordinary jazz and vocal standards recorded by today’s growing number of accomplished performers as well as the greats who have influenced them.  And it’s music for folks who love to travel.

About This Collection

This Is The Life

First Cabin Records presents an extraordinary jazz and vocal standards package recorded by today’s growing number of accomplished performers as well as the greats who have influenced them—This is the Life.

Some artists you will recognize, others you may not and wonder why you hadn’t been introduced to them earlier. That will be our pleasure, to bring you new and gifted talent with fresh style, arrangements, and interpretations, as well as reunite you with some of your favorites (and always a few pleasant surprises). It’s about people (regular folks, luminaries, and voluptuaries), and fabulous places, each title suggesting intimate travel, love and romance.

A Hybrid Compilation

Our premium travel music albums are innovative, eye-catching, ear-pleasing, and provocatively eclectic; and each CD package includes a liner notes booklet with the scoop on the artist, composer/writer, and where the song first made its appearance; a movie, musical, review etc. Several tracks are First Cabin recordings, with some artists our own discoveries; that’s why we call it a hybrid compilation. If it bears our brand, it’s top-of-the-heap, First Cabin all the way.

The Golden Era of American Song

Yes, the golden era of American song is doubling back for an encore, as evidenced upon score upon score of contemporary devotees (they’re filling the Hollywood Bowl) discovering and recording the graceful and fitting words and music of the likes of Gershwin, Cole Porter, Harold Arlen, Johnny Mercer, Lorenz Hart, Harold Arlen, and more.  We see American standards cozying up to television advertisements, classy cafes, the elegant home décor venues, that small hotel and cozy bed and breakfast, the big luxury hotel and resorts, the quirky coffee shop, primo floral facility, legendary road-side eatery; and America’s greatest songs are clearly making it big in the movies.